Desmet’s activity spreads in all integrated steel plants in India and our experience of many years in the field of Hot Metal Desulphurisation have met almost all challenges in every plant to get maximum techno economical benefit.

Our technical team in almost every significant steel plant in India provides valuable resource to our customers. We provide ever ready technical support teams, efficient logistics, effective supply chain management and fast response to our valued customers.

We efficiently produce all kinds of DS reagents to cope up with all the variant metallurgical and plant practice parameters. We provide application and trouble shooting support through our dedicated engineers who are well versant with the customer activities. We focus on the individual needs of our customer to become the best in the market.


DESMET’s core strength is the combination of effective reagents and efficient technical services from our engineers.

Our experience, technology and association with the customers help us to establish consistent performance by providing our customers,

• Lower reagent consumption

• Higher strike rate with Higher efficiency

• Lower treatment time

• Lower temperature drop

• Granular slag

• Lower metal loss

Thus our customers can produce more consistent and higher quality steel with low and ultra low Sulphur content at lower costs.


All of our manufacturing units are certified to ISO 9001:2008. Our Quality Management system is so designed to delight customers by meeting their requirements.

Our procurement cell works with the best inland and global resources. Automated and well equipped production line, modern laboratory to ascertain the desired quality, strong R&D team for continuous development and our own silo tankers for logistics make us an efficient and able organization to meet customers’ need.

Whatever our customers’ need, we work to provide total solution of Hot Metal DeSulphurisation and try to be supportive in times of urgency or emergency of our customers.

Our customer’s confidence on us is the highest achievement for us.

Innovative Approach

DESMET thrives for excellence through innovation. Our innovative efforts are not only limited to product development but also towards the application of our products and other aspects of Hot Metal DeSulphurisation to get maximum techno-economical benefit.

Our innovative approach works for new product design, suitable grain size distribution for better flow ability, unique blend of reagents and new combination of reagents.

Our commitment to improve our products and services continues to get maximum benefits. We focus on improved performance and concentrate towards new solutions to the challenges in the field of Hot Metal Desulphurisation.

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